Episode 12- Molly Mae Potter

Episode 12- Molly Mae Potter

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gilbert Garcia



  1. Where Have You Been?!
    26 Apr, 2018
    Where Have You Been?!
    Where is all the new content? Is the podcast dead? These are two of the most common questions I’ve gotten lately. The show has been MIA for a few months, but for a good reason. I created this show to feature the stories of veterans who have transitioned out of their military lifestyle and now have to adjust to a totally different environment. While hoping to help other vets in the same situation, I may have gotten a little ahead of myself. Like many other vets, I myself am learning to live
  2. Episode 25- Craig Grossi
    19 Dec, 2017
    Episode 25- Craig Grossi
    Episode 25 features Marine veteran and author of Crag & Fred- A Marine, A Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other Craig Grossi. Craig discusses his book as well as his time in the USMC and how Fred helped him readjust to life as a veteran.  Purchase on Amazon here
  3. Episode 24- Kyle Killinger
    09 Jun, 2017
    Episode 24- Kyle Killinger
    Episode 24 features Kyle Killinger. Kyle is a Marine veteran helping to raise awareness for PTSD and the veteran suicide rate. You can vist his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/300milesbrother for more information. GoFundMe Page 22 2 NONE Save 22
  4. Episode 23- Kris Goldsmith
    09 May, 2017
    Episode 23- Kris Goldsmith
    Episode 23 is with Kris Goldsmith, former Army Sergeant. Kris has overcome many obstacles after his deployment and subsequent discharge from the military. He now dedicates his time and effort to helping other veterans in need.
  5. Episode 22- Corey Christman
    25 Apr, 2017
    Episode 22- Corey Christman
    Episode 22 features Corey Christman, a retired Air Force veteran with an organization created to help companies understand the value of hiring veterans.
  6. Episode 21- Patrick Benson
    28 Mar, 2017
    Episode 21- Patrick Benson
    Episode 21 features Patrick Benson, Co-Founder and Director of Warhorses for Veterans. Patrick is a former Army Infantryman who now devotes his time to helping other veterans by providing an alternative to conventional therapeutic methods.
  7. Episode 20- Dwayne Paro
    07 Mar, 2017
    Episode 20- Dwayne Paro
    Episode 20 welcomes Dwayne Paro, Air Force veteran and Life Coach with Landmark Life Coaching. Dwayne’s work helps transitioning vets and veteran entrepreneurs find the right focus to reach their current goals. You can catch Dwayne hosting the Charlie Mike Podcast or contributing to the Huffington Post.
  8. Episode 19- Timothy Lawson
    21 Feb, 2017
    Episode 19- Timothy Lawson
    New year, new season! For the first episode of 2017 we talk to the host of This Week at the VA, Timothy Lawson. Timothy is a marine vet with extensive experience in the podcast arena.  Listen to the Va podcast by clicking below: This Week at the VA
  9. Episode 18- Michael Garvey
    22 Nov, 2016
    Episode 18- Michael Garvey
    We finally return with episode 18 featuring USMC veteran Michael Garvey, currently making a living as a stand-up comedian. Mike and I discuss his venture into the world of comedy as well as his transition back to civilian life and the world of college all the while adjusting to life as a wounded veteran. Battle Song(s) Mike had a song for each deployment which he said funny enough describes what the deployments were like. I could've let the first song slide and not put it up- but it's a perfect