Episode 11- Elana Duffy/Pathfinder.Org

Episode 11- Elana Duffy/Pathfinder.Org

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Gilbert Garcia



  1. Episode 21- Patrick Benson
    28 Mar, 2017
    Episode 21- Patrick Benson
    Episode 21 features Patrick Benson, Co-Founder and Director of Warhorses for Veterans. Patrick is a former Army Infantryman who now devotes his time to helping other veterans by providing an alternative to conventional therapeutic methods.
  2. Episode 20- Dwayne Paro
    07 Mar, 2017
    Episode 20- Dwayne Paro
    Episode 20 welcomes Dwayne Paro, Air Force veteran and Life Coach with Landmark Life Coaching. Dwayne’s work helps transitioning vets and veteran entrepreneurs find the right focus to reach their current goals. You can catch Dwayne hosting the Charlie Mike Podcast or contributing to the Huffington Post.
  3. Episode 19- Timothy Lawson
    21 Feb, 2017
    Episode 19- Timothy Lawson
    New year, new season! For the first episode of 2017 we talk to the host of This Week at the VA, Timothy Lawson. Timothy is a marine vet with extensive experience in the podcast arena.  Listen to the Va podcast by clicking below: This Week at the VA
  4. Episode 18- Michael Garvey
    22 Nov, 2016
    Episode 18- Michael Garvey
    We finally return with episode 18 featuring USMC veteran Michael Garvey, currently making a living as a stand-up comedian. Mike and I discuss his venture into the world of comedy as well as his transition back to civilian life and the world of college all the while adjusting to life as a wounded veteran. Battle Song(s) Mike had a song for each deployment which he said funny enough describes what the deployments were like. I could've let the first song slide and not put it up- but it's a perfect
  5. Episode 17- Chiquita Pena
    06 Sep, 2016
    Episode 17- Chiquita Pena
    Episode 17 is with Chiquita Pena, an Army Reservist and 2016 Ms Veteran America Top 25 Finalist. Chiquita shares her journey and discusses her deployments, balancing a civilian and military career, and how the Final Salute organization helped change her life.     Battle Song Introduced to The Beatles by one of her teachers, Chiquita quickly was drawn to the Black Album and the hit Come Together. She says the song, especially the guitar helps to get her pumped! The Beatles- Come Together Listen
  6. Episode 16- Rob Paiva
    30 Aug, 2016
    Episode 16- Rob Paiva
    This week we're joined by Rob Paiva. Rob currently hosts VOC Radio with Doc Buttrey on Houston's AM 1070 The Voice. Rob, a Navy veteran, discusses his time in as well as his career path that led him to his current position as radio host. VOC Radio Podcast VOC Radio Facebook Battle Song Rob recalls sitting in MEPS before leaving for basic training when Van Halen's Dreams video came on the tv. The video features the Blue Angels and helped give Rob a little extra motivation. Definitely a blast
  7. Episode 15- Joanne Ramos/Service Beyond the Uniform
    23 Aug, 2016
    Episode 15- Joanne Ramos/Service Beyond the Uniform
    Episode 15 features Joanne Ramos, former Army Sergeant and founder of Service Beyond the Uniform. Joanne talks about her desire to serve her country as well as having to decide to leave the service behind her. Her organization provides many resources for veterans in need. Webpage: http://22sbtu.org/ Facebook Battle Song During her interview, Joanne said the song that inspires her at the moment is Rise Up by Andra Day. I have no idea how I've never heard this song before. Warning- prepare
  8. Episode 14- Lone Survivor Foundation
    09 Aug, 2016
    Episode 14- Lone Survivor Foundation
    This week’s episode features Ann Brown, Program Director for the Lone Survivor Foundation. Ann discusses how her program helps veterans and gives a better understanding of what exactly PTSD is.
  9. Episode 13- Jas Boothe/Final Salute
    26 Jul, 2016
    Episode 13- Jas Boothe/Final Salute
    Episode 13 features former Army Major Jas Boothe. Jas created Final Salute, an organization that helps house homeless female veterans. Jas is a cancer survivor and details how Hurricane Katrina left her without a home, leading to the creation of Final Salute. You can find out more information about her cause at http://www.finalsaluteinc.org/ . Battle Song Jas had a hard time nailing down one specific song that gets her pumped, but she does mention that she was a fan of My Chemical Romance!